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Chargify is another creation of the talented David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos. The company Chargify simplifies recurring billing for Web 2.0 and SaaS companies by providing an online application for small businesses to track and process payments from customers. Chargify has been so successful that it recently got an investment from the well-known pockets of Mark Cuban. This is all in the wake of the failure of their Spreadable product and continued success of their virtual phone system, grasshopper.

We worked with the team at the Grasshopper Group to implement all of their core marketing sites (currently just Grasshopper and Chargify) into one installation of the Expression Engine Multiple Site Manager (MSM) from multiple old versions of the Expression Engine software. Chargify was the first of GG’s marketing sites to get upgraded to the latest version of EE. Along with a much-needed upgrade to the latest version of EE, the site’s overall performance has vastly improved.

The Grasshopper Group will continue to be successful. They have a tremendous team of developers and designers that are sure to make the company a power-player for years to come.


LAUNCH : April 2011




  • Web Development
  • Expression Engine Integration
  • Javascript / JQuery
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