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Create Breadcrumb Navigation in Expression Engine | Quick-EE Tutorial

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May 2011 by: Eric

A breadcrumb navigation is a great way to improve the overall user experience of a website. It can be used inside of virtually any type of directory and acts as a visual of the actual url. By using a breadcrumb, the user will always know exactly where they are on a site.

In this Quick-EE Tutorial, we’re going to outline the way to build a basic breadcrumb navigation into your Expression Engine site.

The Breadcrumb Code

Ultimately we want our breadcrumb code to look something like this:

End ...

Announcing the New FFI Lab | HTML Character Codes

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May 2011 by: Eric

No, we haven’t been on some type of month-long hiatus from coding. We are still planning some small re-design and development of Fat Free Interactive, but until then we are very excited to announce the launch of Fat Free Interactive Labs!

To start, we’ve developed the “HTML Character Code Search Engine” focused on helping anyone from a casual Facebook user to a hard-core web developer find a specified HTML or ASCII character code. Why did we choose to build something like this? There are a few ...

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